Musician, Emcee, Spoken Word Artist, AdaezeThe young, female emcee, Adaeze was born Camille Evelyn on the island of Barbados. Barbados is the birthplace of such musical artists as Hal Linton, Shontelle, Cover Drive, Rihanna, and now, Adaeze. As a youth growing up in Barbados, Adaeze developed a diverse musical foundation, teaching herself how to play the piano and receiving formal instruction in saxophone and percussion as a member of her school’s cadet band as well as its orchestra. At the age of 16, Adaeze moved to Norway to attend United World College where she continued to develop and pursue her musical aspirations. After receiving a scholarship to attend the University of Florida, Adaeze left Norway for Gainesville. It was at the University of Florida where she first came into contact with the art form of spoken word. Adaeze quickly became involved with a poetry troupe called Poets, Inc. and it was within this group that she began to develop her love and interest in this particular form of expression and first got her feet wet as a solo artist participating in numerous campus performances. During this time she was afforded the opportunity to workshop and perform with several Def Jam accredited poets such as Ishle Yi Park, Raphael Casal, and Shihan. Realizing that something was missing from her performances, Adaeze decided to merge her musical background with her budding interest in spoken word, thus the transition to a more rap/hip-hop based style. Adaeze builds upon a diverse creative/artistic background as well as her cultural experiences having lived all over the world to create a truly interesting form of artistic expression that is uniquely her own. Through her work that she dubs an “experiment”, Adaeze strives to combine the “Aesthetic with powerful content, Barbadian roots with American influence, faith with passion, and hopes for the future with the reality of the present.”