Dr. Angelos Barmpoutis

Dr. Angelos Barmpoutis, Eleni Bozia and Robert WagmanCreative researcher Angelos Barmpoutis discussed his work towards the advancement of Digital Humanities through the “Digital Epigraphy Toolbox” project. Angelos is a leading young computer scientist working in collaboration with Eleni Bozia and Robert Wagman from the UF Department of Classics. Their work is revolutionizing the ways in which we can study and experience historical texts and artifacts with the help of digital technology.

Dr. Angelos Barmpoutis presents at the REVEProfessor Barmpoutis is a leading expert in the fields of Machine Vision and Applications, Virtual Reality in Medicine, Biomedical Image Processing and Data Visualization, Facial Recognition and Expression Analysis, and Human Motion Capture and Analysis. Other fields of interest include Algorithms and Theory, Signal and Systems, Differential Geometry, Artificial Life and Intelligence, and Parallel Computation. Prior to joining the Digital Worlds Institute, Prof. Barmpoutis received his BS in Computer Science from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, his MS in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Glasgow and lastly, earned his PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. He has co-authored over 40 journal articles, conference publications, and book chapters on his various areas of expertise. Prof. Barmpoutis has been the recipient of several awards and honors including the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from the College of Engineering at the University of Florida, the CIEGL Bursary from the University of Oxford, as well as the University of Florida Alumni Fellowship.