Season 3 Finale

Live Vibe Season 3

Season Three Finale

“AH, YES! : Arts & Humanities in the Digital Age”


Thursday, April 26, 2012 @ 7:30 PM EST
*Live Studio Audience in the Digital Worlds REVE Auditorium*

LVTV Season 3 host Mandy Hill interviews a series of compelling guests and explores how the vitality of human creativity is being supported and inspired by new innovations, tools, and technologies in the Digital Age. Join Season Three host Mandy Hill as she explores the ever-evolving and exciting role of the Arts and Humanities in the digital age with innovative and inspirational artists, humanists, and researchers.

Featured Guests:

LVTV3.2: Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age

Electro-acoustic ensemble MONO/POLY, with Geoff Deibel and Nate Bliton

The “Digital Epigraphy Toolbox” project, with Dr. Angelos Barmpoutis, Eleni Bozia and Robert Wagman

Acclaimed Sequential Artist, Tom Hart

Musician, Emcee, Spoken word Artist, Adaeze

With Live Vibe Season 3 Host Mandy Hill!

Season 3, Episode 1

Live Vibe Season 3

Episode 1

“What’s HAPNAN’? Arts and Sciences in the Digital Age”


Thursday, November 17, 2011 @ 7:30 PM EST
* Live Studio Audience in the Digital Worlds REVE *

LVTV Season 3 host Mandy Hill interviewed compelling guests and discussed the ever-changing role of the Arts and Sciences and how they are impacting education in the digital age. Richard Heipp, Director of the School of Art and Art History at The University of Florida, also serves as bass player for The R. Mutt Blues Band; Dr. Curtis R. Taylor, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is also a passionate advocate for primary and secondary education for students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) areas and serves as the Principal investigator on the HAPNAN project at the University of Florida; and Sean Hunter, successful commercial music producer also donates his time to serve in an after school program at the PK Yonge Developmental Research School where he has created Blue Wave Music Productions. Tune in and join us in exploring and witnessing how such seemingly diverse fields can be integrated and intertwined, helping to produce a more enriching, engaging and interactive educational experience.

Featured Guests:

R. Mutt Blues Band with Richard Heipp

Dr. Curtis Taylor, UF Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Blue Wave Music Production

LVTV Season 3 Host, Mandy Hill

Live Vibe TV Season 3's Mandy Hill Mandy Hill is a 3rd year English major at the University of Florida and plans on pursuing her masters degree in creative writing. Upon graduating she hopes to pursue a career as a novelist. Mandy was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and prior to attending UF, lived in Beijing, China where she worked as a kindergarten teacher. Outside of her English and creative writing pursuits, she is a classically trained ballerina, has been featured as a background vocalist on a nationally recorded album, and has modeled professionally in Atlanta and Jacksonville. In her free time, Mandy enjoys dancing, playing tennis, and riding horses.

Season 2


Live Vibe Season 2

Episode 1

Joined at the HIP: The Afro-Brazilian Connection


Featured Artists:

Brazilian Guitarist Welson Tremura
& Cellist Laura Mac-Knight Maule

Duncan Wambugu & the UF African Choir

Scott Wilson & the LVTV House Band



Episode 2

It MOVES Us: Music and Dance of Planet Earth


Featured Acts:

Bharatanatyam Classical Indian dance

Inisheer Irish Dance with the An Triur band

American Racket Cloggers

The Fullness Of Joy

“The Queen’s Dance” LIVE from KOREA


LiveVibeTV is a collaborative development of the University of Florida’s College of Fine ArtsSchool of Music and the Digital Worlds Institute.

LVTV Season 2 Host, Lucia Tolosa

LVTV Season 2 Host, Lucia Tolosa LiveVibe host Lucia Tolosa is originally from Uruguay and has grown up all over the United States. She is now a University of Florida senior majoring in telecommunication-news and political science, with an international relations certificate. She has worked in various Spanish and English newsrooms and independent projects at UF as a television and radio reporter and producer. Apart from working in the news, Ms. Tolosa has produced multi-media projects for Amnesty International in Uruguay and audio-reportage for an independent documentary in Brazil.

LVTV Season 3 Host, Lucia TolosaSince childhood, Lucia has been inspired by art and encouraged to paint, draw, sing, dance and learn to play instruments. She has dabbled in all sorts of fine arts: from showing her artwork in Gainesville galleries, singing in Carnegie Hall to teaching herself how to play guitar.

Lucia loves traveling and learning about different countries and cultures. After graduation, she plans on traveling to South America, and eventually heading off to graduate school, in hopes of one day, somehow, combining her love for humanitarianism, traveling and art.

Season 1


Live Vibe Season 1

Episode 1

BACH is Back


Featured Artists:

Welson Tremura

Stephen Thomas

No Southern Accent


Episode 2

The Art of Improvisation


Featured Artists:

Scott Wilson

Kenneth Broadway

Meera Sitharam and SPICMACAY


Episode 3

Global Vibrations: The Dynamic African Influence


Featured Artists:

Anthony Offerle

Elizabeth P. Graham

Chuck Levy

Duncan Miano Wambugu and the UF African Choir

Episode 4

Music Meets Movement: The Whole Body Experience


Featured Artists:

Archie (Chip) Birkner

Jill Sonke

Kelly Drummond Cawthon

Scott Wilson


LiveVibeTV is a collaborative development of the University of Florida’s College of Fine ArtsSchool of Music and the Digital Worlds Institute.

LVTV Season 1 Host, Cameryn Justice

LVTV Season 1 Host, Cameryn Justice LiveVibe TV Host Cameryn Justice was born in California where she participated in theater performance and on-camera acting at an early age. She is currently an English major on a pre-law track at the University of Florida beginning her senior year. Cameryn has been a recurring guest speaker for the Florida Tomorrow Campaign as well as at Regional Gator Galas as part of her role as a Florida Opportunity Scholar. She continues to pursue her passion for public speaking by taking classes in theatre and speech in addition to her major coursework. Cameryn hopes to leverage her oratorical skills in the courtroom as she pursues a future career in law.